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Who ‘may’ benefit from Orthotics?

The benefit of proper footwear and custom made Orthotics will benefit most people that suffer from the following conditions, which include:

Orthotics are defined as the design, manufacture and application of orthopedic devices used to correct, or compensate for, mechanical parts of the body that are not functioning properly. Different types of devices, called orthoses, are used to restrict or assist movement, help rehabilitation from fractures or strains, correct function and shape (such as braces for scoliosis), and to guide or control movement in arms, legs or joints.

Foot Orthotics:
Foot orthotics help reduce the stress and fatigue from activities placed on feet. Orthotics ‘may’ benefit anyone by increasing agility, improving motion control, correcting body alignment and enhancing shock absorption. Custom made orthotics are used to correct common problems like flat or high arches. Your body size and the way you walk also influences the type of orthotic support you may need. Have our team of professionals assess your feet and footwear and will give you a professional opinion on if you may benefit from orthotics.

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